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Authentic black garlic

It was in Japan, in the Aomori region, that black garlic was born. An ancestral know-how, now recognized throughout the world, which allows garlic to be transformed into an exceptional product: black garlic. A unique manufacturing process respecting Japanese tradition made with PGI white garlic from Drôme.

The virtues of black garlic


Black garlic is recognized as a “superfood” meaning it is 100% natural with high nutritional value providing numerous health benefits. Rich in vitamins and minerals and thanks to its fermentation, black garlic becomes tender, digestible, slightly sweet and sour, reminiscent of caramelized balsamic vinegar.

Ripening of black garlic

Once sorted, the garlic heads are then placed for 30 days in a special and unique oven at low temperature. During this maturation phase, the sugars naturally contained in white garlic caramelize and give the cloves this black color.


Refining black garlic

At the end of maturation, a refining time is necessary. This step allows the black garlic to concentrate all its aromas and reveal its character: aromatic notes of undergrowth, licorice, balsamic and candied fruits. A delicious flavor that in Japan is called “umami”.

Gourmet pairings

Black garlic can be used in many ways in cooking to add a unique, sweet flavor to your dishes. Here are some ideas for using it:


Black garlic puree: crush the black garlic to make a puree. This puree can be mixed with olive oil and used as a dip, spread on bread or incorporated into sauces.


Sauces and condiments: Add finely chopped or pureed black garlic to pasta sauces, meat sauces, salad dressings, or condiments like mayonnaise or ketchup for a unique flavor.


Marinades: include black garlic in your marinades for meat, fish or vegetables. Its sweet and umami taste can add an interesting dimension to your grilled or roasted dishes.


Soups and Stews: Add black garlic to your soups, stews and broths for a deep, complex flavor. It goes well with dishes based on vegetables, lentils or meats.


Pasta and risottos: Mix black garlic into your pasta dishes, risottos or rice dishes for a distinct flavor. It can be added at the end of cooking to preserve its flavor.


Asian cuisine: Black garlic is often used in Asian cuisine. You can incorporate it into dishes such as stir-fries, noodles, curries or fish dishes.

Recipe ideas

Discover our product online and find our recipe ideas including a cauliflower & black garlic soup, a Beef Wellington with black garlic or even quinoa pancakes with spinach & black garlic!