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Our organic herbeal teas from the orchard

Discover our new collection of organic herbeal teas designed as an invitation to (re)discover the flavors of our Mediterranean orchards. All based on olive leaves, this collection is available around marine & floral, oriental & flowery, lively & spicy, green & flowery, citrusy & aromatic and fruity & green ambiances.

A collection of 6 organic herbeal teas to discover!

Organic herbal tea with marine & floral flavors: Detoxifying infusion with nettles, rosemary, spirulina, heather, rose extract and olive leaves.

Organic herbal tea with fruity & green flavors: Stimulating & energizing infusion with orange leaves, basil, bitter orange peel, orange & olive leaves.

Organic herbal tea with green & flowery flavors: Soothing infusion with thyme, sweet orange, peppermint, lemon balm leaves, rose petals & olive leaves.

Organic herbal tea with lively & spicy flavors: Invigorating infusion with green mate, sweet mint, lemongrass, lemon, orange, ginger & olive leaves.

Organic herbal tea with citrus & aromatic flavors: Draining & purifying infusion with dandelion leaves, green rooibos, clementine, liquorice, orange & olive leaves.

Organic herbal tea with oriental & floral flavors: Relaxing infusion with rooibos, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, marigold petals & olive leaves.


All our flavors are natural and organic. They are taken directly from the flavoring substance of organic flowers & fruits.

The teabags and the bag used are made of PLA (corn origin) and biodegradable.

Organic herbeal teas from the orchard gift box

If the different blends making up our new range of herbeal teas exist in individual boxes, we have also created the herbeal teas box.

The latter is a real invitation to sharing and moments of sweetness. Each hour has its own flavor, each has its own scent, everyone has a choice.

Find our 8 unique creations in a box illustrated in the colors of the Provencal end-of-year celebrations. A gift that we give ourselves or that we offer.