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A brand new format for our new advent calendar

A brand new format for our new advent calendar
It is to Gisèle Baussan, mother of Olivier Baussan, founder of Maison Brémond 1830, that we owe the works on this new Advent calendar. Vintage drawings representing biodiversity, nature and several species of birds, echoing the various collaborations of the delicatessen, notably with the associations Act for Planet and the Bird Protection League.

Commitments for biodiversity and local and Mediterranean agriculture in order to preserve products, producers and authentic flavors, dear to the delicatessen.
New concept for this 2021 Advent calendar: 24 cardboard boxes all positioned in the wooden tray that make up 3 puzzles, to be moved, turned over, to see one of Gisèle Baussan’s three works appear.


A 100% recyclable and rusable calendar

Inside, sweet treats, flavored olive oils, balsamics, nougats, spreads, confectionery and wellness products … The calendar reveals, day after day, the flagship products of the grocery store, selected from producers Provençal and Mediterranean with authentic know-how. The best of Italian, Greek and Provençal terroirs to savor every day.

Once again this year, for the purchase of this Advent calendar, 1 euro will be donated to the Act for Planet association for the LPO Provence Alpes Côte d´Azur.


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