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let's celebrate love

What if Love was celebrated every day? The love of the other, of a passion, of a region, of a song… Love is in everything and in every place if you look closely!
But then why Valentine’s Day?

The first mention of Valentine’s Day with a love connotation dates back to 14th century England, where February 14 was believed to be the day when birds paired off. It was common during this time for lovers to exchange notes and call each other their Valentine.

LPO Paca

Maison Brémond x LPO Paca

At Maison Brémond 1830, we have a lot of affection for our terroir and in particular for the biodiversity and fauna that make it up.
Thus, as Valentines that we are, we have chosen birds as the object of our emotions. Every day, through our commitment to Act For Planet and LPO France, we act locally to preserve species nesting and migrating in Provence. These are 10 nest boxes that have just been installed and to accommodate our feathered animals. Suffice to say that our heart is racing!