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A plant-based Easter wreath

Decorating your house for Easter is child’s play, especially when you take inspiration from a context as inspiring as Provence… Take a walk in the low scrubland, collect a little fresh moss along the way, it gives from freshness to simple creations. Vaporous and sweet, it is mixed with flowering plants. Continue then collect some pine cones and beautiful olive branches. You will then have the first decorative elements for a wreath, the perfect centerpiece for Easter!


-A wreath made of vine branches


– 2 to 3 olive branches


– Cleaned egg shells (used to make Easter buns)


– Stabilized foam (or fresh foam)


– A little natural raffia


– Natural feathers


– Some small painted wooden eggs


– Dried flowers (pink and white gypsophila)


– A glue gun


– Very fine cord


First, attach the olive branches, using the cord, on either side of the crown. These will create the visual balance of your wreath.

Next, position the foam on the part designated as “bottom” of your crown. Secure it using a little glue.

On each side of this foam, attach the egg shells which you will have previously garnished with a little natural raffia. Secure them using glue. Add some painted wooden eggs around it.

Finish by decorating with gypsophila and feathers between eggs and vegetable moss to bring lightness to your creation.

Finally, with ribbon of the color of your choice, create the tie by making a pretty knot.

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