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Act for Planet: acting for the living

The Act for Planet association is supported by companies from the Territoire de Provence Group, including Brémond Fils. Through this specific partnership, we support the agricultural and associative actors involved in the protection and development of the territory.




• Support organizations and associations committed to safeguarding living things.


• Participate in the creation of refuges and protection zones for threatened species, useful to the biodiversity of the territory.



• Support women and men committed to regenerative agriculture by sometimes reviving forgotten farming practices.


• Participate in the dynamics of agricultural sectors and facilitate meetings between economic actors.


Concrete actions in 6 agricultural sectors: Almond trees – Chestnut trees – Cereals – Olive trees – Pistachio trees – Lavender


The main objectives of regenerative or regenerative agriculture are:


– to regenerate the soil
– increase biodiversity
– to sequester carbon in the soil
– increase the resilience of soils to fluctuations
of the climate
– optimize the water cycle
– improve the provision of ecosystem services.


More information: https://www.actforplanet.org/



Artisanal manufactures rooted in the Provencal region.




The Territoire de Provence Group brings together Provençal companies and manufacturers specializing in the agri-food industry.


Around its President Olivier Baussan, passionate artisans and collaborators manufacture or select products from the Provençal and Mediterranean region. This wide range of confectionery and groceries can be discovered in a network of stores in France and Norway, as well as on dedicated websites.



More info: https://www.territoire-provence.com/