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Surprise beef, balsamic port sauce




For the crusted beef

Others ingredients

  • 1.2 kg fillet of beef
  • 500 g brioche dough (ordered from your baker)
  • 1 egg for gilding
  • pepper

For the sauce

Others ingredients

  • 250 g chanterelles mushroom
  • 10 cl of port
  • 80 g butter


  1. 1

    The day before, order the brioche dough from the baker.

  2. 2

    Heat the butter in a casserole dish and brown the beef tenderloin on each side.

  3. 3

    Remove the meat from the casserole, season with salt and pepper and leave to cool.

  4. 4

    In the same pot, deglaze the cooking juices with 40 g of butter and the balsamic vinegar. Throw the cleaned and sliced ​​mushrooms into the pan and sauté them for 10 minutes. Salt and pepper.

  5. 5

    Roll out the brioche dough with a rolling pin to a thickness of 5 mm.

  6. 6

    Lightly butter the baking sheet and place the dough on it.

  7. 7

    Arrange the truffle slices on the bottom of the pastry, in the centre, overlapping them slightly.

  8. 8

    Place the beef tenderloin on top. Moisten the edges of the pastry with water and fold the pastry over the fillet. Pinch to seal the edges.

  9. 9

    Using a thin knife blade, draw a harmonious grid on the dough or a leaf, taking care not to pierce the dough. Brush with beaten egg yolk. Let stand 30 minutes.

  10. 10

    Bake the surprise beef for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 180°/200°C.

  11. 11

    Once cooked, turn off the oven and let the tenderloin rest for 10 minutes before serving.

  12. 12

    Meanwhile, finish the sauce: pour the port into the pot, salt and pepper. Heat and add the remaining butter, beating the sauce with a whisk.

  13. 13

    Place the brioche on a heated serving platter and serve with the sautéed sauce, chanterelle mushrooms and turnips.